Originals: Live at Riverside Studios

Originals: Live at Riverside Studios

Originals: Live at Riverside Studios

Three brand new plays. For audiences who want their theatre to be unique and exciting.

Original Theatre and Riverside Studios present three one-off events: world premieres from the best new writing talents in the UK, performed by an all-star cast.

Your booking options:

  • Book our Originals package - Get all three Originals plays for a discounted rate of just £30. That's just £10-per-show. 

  • Book each Originals play individually - scroll down to find out more about each play.


By Teunkie Van Der Sluijs
Directed by Michael Boyd

tikkun olam: in everything you do, you must seek the opportunity to repair the world

Steve Alexander is preparing to stand as a Labour MP for the Westminster constituency. As part of his campaign he is backing the building of a Holocaust memorial near parliament square, to help the campaign gain traction Steve and his campaign manager Dan invite social influencer Leah on board as a one woman focus group. As Dan, Steve and Leah try and persuade the divided community to back the memorial their own motivations are challenged as the political and personal ties between them are tested to the very limit.

A powerful, funny, intelligent political drama, that looks at the stark contrast in views and voices in and around our capital, the ever-growing divisions between the generations, and the challenging task of mending and learning to ensure we do and are better.

‘I stand here and try and make sense of all the voices and I can’t hear my own anymore’

A world premiere of this award-winning play-reading starring, Luke Thompson (Bridgerton), Diana Quick (Brideshead Revisited), Debbie Korley ( Theatre: King Lear), and Jake Fairbrother (National Theatre, Hamlet).



By Eilidh Nurse
Directed by Amelia Sears

‘I feel like I’ve lost all this time.’

Somewhere in Scotland, miles from anywhere, Bobby’s Caravan Park is struggling, in fact it’s crumbling. Janie is the only employee and she’s been stuck out here for longer than she cares to admit- and she’s drinking more than she’s willing to admit, yet frankly who cares anymore?

Ed can’t pass the Tesco quiz, he can’t go out in the rain without his cag in a bag, he can’t drive and he can’t help who he’s related to. But at least he’s got a new job... at Bobby’s Caravan park.

Hopes, dreams and families collide in this searing, tender yet funny play that asks what it means to process our past and the traumas that lie within.

A world premiere of this award-winning play-reading starring, Stars Gary Lewis (Billy Elliot, Gangs of New York), Hiftu Quasem (Ten Percent, Killing Eve), Cristian Ortega (Vigil) and Lewis Mackinnon (Young Wallander).



By Drew Hewitt
Directed by Charlotte Peters

‘It’s never the fall that kills you…It’s the landing’. Whoever said that. Is wrong. It’s the fall.’

Janet and Liam are happily married until she stops talking to him. And everybody else. In an attempt to diagnose her loss of speech she begins seeing a psychiatrist who starts to probe at a secret buried in the depths of Janet’s psyche, the revelation of which has profound and lasting implications not just for her but the entire family.

Drew Hewitt’s masterful play examines with wit, humour and searing honesty the complex ideas surrounding free will, love and the painful truths of existence.

A world premiere of this award-winning play-reading, starring Alex Kingston (ER, Doctor Who) and Tyger Drew-Honey (Outnumbered), Sara Stewart (Transformers, Philomena) and Adrian Lukis (Original Theatre’s Being Mr Wickham)