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    Creatives & Cast

    A co production with Birdsong Productions


    Arthur Bostrom

    Charlie G Hawkins

    Joshua Higgott

    Polly Hughes

    Malcolm James

    Sarah Jayne Dunn

    Liam McCormick

    Jonathan Smith

    Emily Stride

    Poppy Roe

    Tim Van Eyken


    Creative Team

    Alastair Whatley- Director

    Victoria Speaing- Designer

    Alex Wardle- Lighting Designer

    Dominic Bilkey- Sound Designer

    Ed Holland- Costume Designer

    Tony Green – Military Advisor

    Liam McCormick – Education Officer

    Kate Reynolds - Education Administer

    Gareth Moss – TSM

    Lauren Barclay – DSM

    Show Details

    A mesmerising story of love, courage and sacrifice is now brought to the stage in this critically acclaimed version of Sebastian Faulks’ bestselling novel. An epic tale of love and war set both before and during the Great War.

    In pre war France, a young Englishman Stephen Wraysford embarks on a passionate and dangerous affair with the beautiful Isabelle Azaire that their turns their world upside down.

    As the war breaks out over the idyll of his former life, Stephen must lead his men through the carnage of the Battle of the Somme and through the sprawling tunnels that lie deep under ground.

    Faced with the unprecedented horror of the war Stephen clings to the memory of Isabelle as his world explodes around him.

    Recently aired over Christmas on BBC 1 and following on from the hit West End production in 2010, this brand new adaptation marks the very first touring production of the play.

By Sebastian Faulks


Adapted by Rachel Wagstaff

As the war breaks out over the idyll of his former life, young Englishman Stephen Wraysford must lead his men through the carnage of the Battle of the Somme, only comforted by the memory of former lover Isabelle Azaire as his world explodes around him.

A mesmerising story of love, courage and sacrifice is now brought to the stage in this critically acclaimed version of Sebastian Faulks’ bestselling novel, on it’s first ever UK tour.

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22nd – 26th January 2013
The Haymarket
29th January – 2nd February 2013
4th – 9th February 2013
Blackpool Grand
12th – 16th February 2013
Wycombe Swan
18th – 23rd February 2013
New Theatre
25th February - 2nd March 2013
Yvonne Arnaud
4th - 9th March 2013
Malvern Theatre
12th – 16th March 2013
Palace Theatre
18th – 23rd March 2013
Theatre Royal
25th – 30th March 2013
New Wolsey
8th – 13th April 2013
Kings Theatre
16th - 20th April 2013
Derby Theatre
22nd – 23rd April 2013
South Hill Park
24th – 27th April 2013
30th April - 5th May 2013
Venue Cymru
7th – 11th May 2013
Hall for Cornwall
13th – 18th May 2013
Northampton Royal and Derngate
20th - 25th May 2013
Theatre Royal
28th May - 1st June 2013
Dublin, Ireland
3rd – 8th June 2013
10th-15th June 2013
Churchill Theatre
17th – 22nd June 2013
Theatre Royal
24th - 29th June 2013
Cambridge Arts
1st - 6th July 2013
Oldham Coliseum
8th - 13th July 2013
Theatre Royal
15th - 20th July 2013
Theatre Royal
22nd – 27th July 2013
Milton Keynes Theatre
Milton Keynes
29th July - 3rd August 2013
Theatre Royal