Behind-the-Scenes with Caroline Langrishe

We wanted to give you a sneak peek at the brilliant cast of ‘Caroline’s Kitchen’ as they prepare for a their first night at Derby Theatre (photos by Sam Taylor) and a few facts about how they prepare for the show…

We spoke to Caroline Langrishe who plays Caroline.


Do you have any backstage rituals or superstitions?

I wouldn’t say that I have any backstage superstitions but my rituals are all to do with ‘getting ready’. I would never go on stage without brushing my teeth or sucking a ‘vocalzone’ throat pastel whilst making up.

How do you warm up before a show?

Go down to the stage and look out at the auditorium – hum – gossip with fellow actors – check a few props. On this show we do a ‘counting’ chant – and the ‘funky chicken’ (Don’t ask!) I am superstitious about doing these for the show!

Do you have any funny stories or anecdotes from behind the scenes of Caroline’s Kitchen?

I am always on stage! Although I always keep the size of the cauliflower a surprise for myself when I open the fridge!

How do you make yourself feel at home in a theatre for the week?

Lay out my makeup and towels and personal soap in the same order in all the dressing rooms – have my rug handy for sleeps between shows.

What is your favourite theatre to work in or are you most excited to visit?

I prefer smaller intimate theatres. I always love revisiting Bath Theatre Royal

Caroline’s Kitchen tours until April when we transfer to New York. Find all the details here.