Behind-the-Scenes with Elizabeth Boag

We wanted to give you a sneak peek at the brilliant cast of ‘Caroline’s Kitchen’ as they prepare for a their first night at Derby Theatre (photos by Sam Taylor) and a few facts about how they prepare for the show…

We spoke to Elizabeth Boag who plays Sally.


Do you have any backstage rituals or superstitions?

I tend to always do a “funky chicken” before a show and on this one the whole cast does it together so that’s really nice. In this show, I spend the first half hour doing a work out in my dressing room so I’m properly sweaty when I come on stage (yuk!)

How do you warm up before a show?

I do an on-stage full body warm up if I have time, I do some vocal exercises and tongue twisters, I sometimes run round the auditorium… I have a great singing warm up that I recorded on the last show I did, with MD extraordinaire Tim Sutton. I sometimes do yoga and I always do this thing where I swing my arms in circles and fill the space with my energy – that sounds so pretentious, but it basically just warms up the shoulders, helps fill your lungs with air and helps you warm up your voice in each specific auditorium.

Do you have any funny stories or anecdotes from behind the scenes of Caroline’s Kitchen?

Not yet, early days… Although I did hit James Sutton square in the face with a massive piece of cauliflower the other day and made myself laugh on stage!

How do you make yourself feel at home in a theatre for the week?

Hmmm, I always put my cards up and have my little box of tricks with me.

What is your favourite theatre to work in or are you most excited to visit?

I’m super excited to visit Liverpool Everyman because of the incredible theatrical history of the place. I feel most at home at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough (working in the round is my favourite) and obviously, I LOVE performing in New York!

 Caroline’s Kitchen tours until April when we transfer to New York. Find all the details here.