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Torben Betts'
Invincible (2016)

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Emlyn Williams'
Night Must Fall
Autumn 2016

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Autumn tour 2015 announced – Night Must Fall by Emlyn Williams



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With the recession biting hard, Emily and Oliver have decided to downsize and shift their middle-class London lifestyle to a small town in the north of England.

One night they open their doors and invite next door neighbours, Dawn and Alan into their home.

From one of the most exciting playwrights to emerge since Alan Ayckbourn, Torben Betts, and produced by the award-winning Original Theatre Company (Birdsong, Three Men In A Boat), comes a brand new production of the smash hit, sell-out comedy, Invincible.


Evening Standard

“Not much theatre makes me laugh out loud continually but Invincible, a spiky new comedy of culture clash and embarrassment from Torben Betts, is a rare and cherishable example.”


Daily Mail

“a refreshing, Ayckbourn-style comedy”


The Times

“Highly entertaining”

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When Dan, a charming, smooth-talking hotel porter arrives unexpectedly at old Mrs Bramsom’s remote woodland home he soon ingratiates his way into her life and that of her beautiful niece Olivia. But when a local woman goes missing and rumours of murder among the household surface in the press, fingers begin to point towards the dashing hotel porter. Has the past finally caught up with Dan and could he really be capable of murder? As the police close in, and with the press baying for blood, is anyone safe?

Master playwright Emlyn Williams’ renowned psychological thriller has all the tension, atmosphere and suspicion of the best British mysteries. It will leave you at the edge of your seat.

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